I believe that being eclectic defines those who derive their ideas, style and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources and experiences. And that’s my approach to fashion. Just like the ancient Greek philosophers’ practice of eclecticism meant they selected from existing philosophical beliefs those doctrines that seemed most reasonable to them, I don’t purport to dictate trends in fashion, but merely to foster the ongoing evolution of what it means to be well-dressed in a society where dressing well is in a constant state of flux. And perhaps equally as important, providing the means for those who wish to divert from the customs de-jour by providing timeless goods of excellent craftsmanship, appeal and value.


The Diagonios Bow Tie is perhaps my most quintessentially understated design, but one that, perhaps, leaves most to the imagination.


Slender, texturized diagonal stripes in shades of dark sapphire and cornflower blues with accents of buttercream and sage create a palette of calm intensity whose spectrum of wearability is as broad as it is diverse.


Diagonios is available as a 5cm batwing bow tie and 6cm thistle bow tie. 


Handmade in England from 100% British-milled silk. 

Diagonios (Batwing) | Usatinsky Bow Ties

  • Follow these guidelines for keeping your Usatinsky Bow Ties looking fresh for years to come.

    Your heirloom-quality Usatinsky Bow Tie is an investment into your wardrobe, so attention to care is important. 

    Untie your bow tie just as carefully as you tied it on, then hang it on your tie rack or drape it around the collar of a jacket so gravity can help smooth out the wrinkles.

    For stubborn wrinkles, cover your bow tie with a tea towel and use a warm steam iron, making certain the iron never comes into direct contact with your bow tie. If you don’t have a steam iron, hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. 

    To avoid wrinkles or creases when traveling, gently roll your  bow ties prior to packing and unroll and hang them promptly upon arrival.

    If you get a stain on your bow tie, try not to rub or scrub the fabric. Use a clean cloth and seltzer water to blot water-soluble stains; try talcum powder to extract any stains that are oil-based. Fine silk threads are fragile and should be handled gently. 

    A commercial spot remover may remove stubborn stains, but be sure to test the back of the bow tie first to see how the silk responds. If all else fails, you can take your bow ties to a dry cleaner, but only as a last resort as the chemicals and cleaning process may damage or destroy the silk.