Two Cat Fragments | The Dreamweaver

Fragment 1: Emma

I was downstairs playing with Emma, our Russian Blue kitten, when I noticed some discoloration at the base of her tail, where it meets the back.

On closer observation, it seemed the base of her tail was crusty and sore and the coloration looked like it might have been dry blood.

I tried to get a closer look, but she ran upstairs.

I followed her up and saw her lying on my daughter's white toy chest, so I went over and kneeled down beside her.

I reached out to gently examine the wound and she winced and began crying audibly.

Then I noticed that she was crying and a steady stream of tears were flowing from her eyes.

I called out to my wife.

Then I woke up.


Fragment 2: The Haircut

I had invited a young man who reached out to me for a haircut as he'd been unable to get one during the pandemic lockdown and said he'd been feeling emotionally vulnerable.

The man arrived at my house and I told him we'd be going down to the basement where I had set up a small barber station.

He told me he was afraid of basements and small confined places, so I agreed to cut his hair upstairs in my children's bedroom.

I pointed out the bedroom and told him to go and wait for me there.

When I came back, the young blond-haired man had climbed up into the top bunk bed.

Drawing the conclusion the young man was unwell, I decided to simply try and cut his hair while he was lying in the top bunk.

After spending a good deal of time wetting his hair, I was finally ready to begin cutting.

Just then, he said he needed to use the toilet and proceeded to climb down from the bunk bed and walked out into the living room looking for the bathroom, which he soon located and entered.

Coming to understand that the young man must not have been feeling well as he was spending a long time in the toilet, I decided to step outside for some fresh air.

As I walked out the front door of my apartment building, I saw two well-dressed Turkish men walking my way.

As they passed me standing near the door to my building, one of the men and I recognized each other and he and his companion walked over to say hello.

I told him I was feeling bad that I had brought a young man into my home for what I called an "emergency" haircut, that it was illegal to cut hair during the pandemic and moreover, I was concerned that the young man was a total stranger who wasn't even one of my customers.

Just then, the Turkish man's companion pulled a gun and pointed it at me and told me I was under arrest.

I pushed my acquaintance out of the way and lunged at the companion, eventually disarming him, picking up his gun from the sidewalk.

Just then, the two Turkish men turned into cats and began to scramble.

The cat who was the companion jumped into a hedge and was trying to climb to the top and jump over the side.

Before he was able to get away, I aimed the gun at him and shot several times until he fell out of the hedge, dead to the ground.

During the altercation, my acquaintance was able to get away.

I went back into the house and the young man had returned from the bathroom and was back lying in the top bunk.

In my absence, it appeared that my wife---feeling bad the young man had taken ill---had served him some food and a beverage as there were two white plates, a white bowl and a white coffee mug on the bed.

One of my daughters was lying on the top bunk of an adjacent bed and I asked her if she would please take the dishes to the kitchen.

I was a bit taken aback as I noticed my daughter had only been wearing underwear as she climbed down from the top bunk.

She took the dishes from me and walked out of the room.

Then I woke up.

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