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I was holiday making in a small seaside village in Spain when I ran into an acquaintance I knew from back home in the Netherlands.

She told me she had come to Spain to see her favorite band of all time, Genesis, performing on what would surely be their last world tour and that the keyboard player, Tony Banks, had been a lifelong friend.

Jokingly, I suggested that my friend introduce me to him as he would be a good contact to have in the music business.

She actually thought that was a good idea and said she'd be glad to set up a meeting.

Just then, Tony and his Genesis bandmate Mike Rutherford came walking down the street and my friend called out to them.

The two men approached and I was introduced to them.

My friend went on about my being a musician and Tony took an immediate interest.

He said he was in a bit of a hurry to get to the concert hall for a rehearsal, but invited me to walk along with him and tell me more about myself and my music.

My friend, saying that she had an appointment to keep, bid the three of us farewell and went on her way.

On our way to the concert hall, I told Tony and Mike that I had been writing and performing my own music for more than forty years, but never got the big break and had spent those years as a teacher and raising a family.

Tony said that those were actually more admirable than being a rock star and asked if I could drop a demo off at their hotel and meet them for breakfast in the morning.

Tony said that they were looking a new opening act for the remainder of their world tour as the current act would be leaving the tour after their dates in Spain due to the opening band's singer, who had to return home because of an ailing family member.

I thanked them and said I almost told my friend not to introduce us as I didn't want to to seem like the kind of person who took advantage of people because they had famous friends.

Tony and Mike laughed and shook my hand before walking away.

I watched as they walked into the concert hall thinking to myself that my life was about to change.

Then I woke up.

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