The Waitress | The Dreamweaver

I had two sons and they wanted to go cycling so we took a ride in my old neighborhood.

We were riding southbound down California and just before we got to Peterson my older son made a u-turn and headed back northbound.

I caught up to the boys and we stopped in front of Clinton School and I asked them why they suddenly changed direction and they told me it was because they were hungry.

We turned right onto Granville and parked our bikes on the side of a new hotel that had recently opened where a medical/dental center used to be located.

We walked in and my sons made their way to the lower level and I followed them as they walked into the restaurant a few steps ahead of me.

Just then, I heard a waitress berating the boys telling them they weren’t allowed in the restaurant without a parent or guardian.

I made my way into the restaurant and told the waitress her action was out of line and inappropriate behavior for someone in the hospitality industry and I took on my sons and we left.

On the way out, I stopped by the hotel manager’s office and told the manager, an older woman in her sixties, about what had happened and she was apologetic and offered me a discount but I told her we weren’t interested in eating there.

I suggested that she hire a consultant to teach a course on sensitivity training to her employees and when she asked me if I could recommend one, I offered my company’s services free of charge.

Then I woke up.

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