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My girlfriend finally moved out of our apartment and I decided to get my new independent life in order, starting by getting my own travel card.

I went to the station to buy a card, but they told me the only way to get one was by purchasing it online, so I returned home.

The card arrived the next day and I went to the station to try it out and take a short train ride to a nearby village.

Tapping my card on the reader the turnstile failed to open and a message appeared on the screen saying I needed to activate the card before I could use it.

I went to a machine and tried to activate the card, but the message on the screen said I had to top it up with ten or twenty euros to activate it.

I re-inserted the card and it asked me for my password, but seeing how I needed to activate the card before it let me choose a password, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I walked over to the ticket counter and explained my dilemma to the woman behind the glass.

She told me to insert my card in the reader on the counter and enter my password and I tried to explain I just got the card in the mail and needed to activate it first.

The woman looked puzzled and said she had to consult with her supervisor.

She returned to the window and told me the problem was that I first needed to top up the card and she would be happy to help me, and she asked me to insert the card into the reader and enter my password.

Frustrated, I told her that was the problem in the first place and she again apologized and walked back over to consult with her supervisor.

Returning to the window with her supervisor, I had to explain the whole story again and the supervisor apologized for the confusion and inconvenience and that she would clear things up in a minute and asked me to insert my card in the reader and enter my password.

I became enraged and lost my temper and began berating the women telling them to forget and just sell me a ticket and I would pay in cash, to which the supervisor said that due to COVID-19 they no longer accepted cash but if I wanted, I could pay with a bank or credit card.

I arrived home later that evening and decided to go straight to bed, still aggravated about what had happened at the station.

I woke up in the middle of night and walked over to the front door to make sure I had double locked it.

Walking past the kitchen I thought I heard a noise that sounded like the dishwasher but knew it couldn’t have been switched on because I hadn’t dirtied any dishes that day.

I walked over to the dishwasher and opened it and a cloud of hot steam came out and the dishwasher was full and obviously had been recently used.

Just then the cat walked into to the kitchen and started eating from her bowl which I noticed had been filled, although I clearly remembered not filling when I arrived home.

With my curiosity spiked, I followed the cat as she walked from the kitchen to the living room and was startled to see a lamp had been switched and even more shocked to see my brother and sister asleep on the couches.

I sat down on the longer of the two couches and my brother woke up.

I asked him what he was doing in my house and then my sister woke up, took her pillow and sat up on the couch hugging it in her arms and said they came to spend a few days with me because they knew I’d probably need some moral support due to my recent breakup.

Then I woke up.

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