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I had returned to the hair salon where my barbershop was located after having been on an extended vacation.

I immediately noticed that everything in the salon—except my barber station at the back—had been thoroughly renovated.

Soon after, the owner of the salon came in and asked me what I thought of the changes, to which I positively replied.

He then asked me to follow him into the back room where I was surprised to see he had built a spa, complete with a large sauna that, oddly enough, had a king-size bed in the middle; a Jacuzzi, changing room with lockers and showers and a beautifully-appointed lap pool.

He mentioned that he and his partner had spent close to 250 thousand euros on the renovation and spa, but he said they had taken out a loan to pay for everything.

While I was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that obviously went into the spa, I felt the decor was ostentatious and effeminate.

The owner told me I was welcome to use the spa facilities anytime I'd like, which made me think that after my late-night night shift—when I'd be the only one in the salon—would be the perfect time to use the spa, especially the Jacuzzi and sauna seeing how they would help sooth my aching body after a long shift.

As we were leaving the salon, I noticed the owner had a handful of hair brushes and I asked what he was doing with them. He replied he was going to drop them off to be cleaned and I was pleasantly surprised knowing there was actually a service that did that as my brushes were certainly in need of deep cleaning.

We were walking through the mall on our way to the parking lot when we passed by a rival hair salon and, for the first time ever, the owner of the rival salon—whose chair was strategically placed in the salon's front window next to the open front door—called out to me by name to say hello.

The owner of my salon looked at me with a wrinkled brow, surprised that I was so well known that even the owner of a rival salon would know who I was.

Then I woke up.

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