The Pool | The Dreamweaver

I was with my daughters at the local swimming pool where they were having lessons and because it was Friday, parents were allowed to swim with their children.

As the class was due to end 15 minutes before the pool closed, one of the instructors blew his whistle and announced we could continue swimming until 8 p.m. seeing how it was the final class on the last day of the week.

Just then, it started to rain and I realized the pool was covered with a hard plastic roof, and while the rain beating down upon it made quite a noise, I was confident it would protect us from the rain and possible lightning strikes.

We continued swimming until the 8 o’clock bell rang and as I was getting out of the pool, I noticed a young man frantically looking for something on the floor. He said he had lost the dime he’d been throwing into the pool that he would dive in to retrieve. Just then, I noticed a quarter on the wet floor next to where the young man was standing, signaled to him and pointed to the quarter and he replied with a thumbs up.

As I walked into the men’s locker room, I noticed a long line of men with towels wrapped around their waists waiting to get in and remembered that due to social distancing only a certain number of people could be in the locker room at one time, so having to pee, I decided to step out of line and go to the toilet.

Walking into the toilet, I suddenly realized the whole thing had been a dream and I had woken up to go to the bathroom but wasn’t completely convinced I was actually dreaming and was scared to look into the bathroom mirror in case there might be something frightening in the reflection had it been a dream after all.

Convinced it wasn’t a dream, I stood at the toilet and began to pee, now convinced even more that because I was peeing that it wasn’t actually a dream.

Then I woke up.

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