The Playhouse Incident | The Dreamweaver

I had taken my family to see a musical at the local playhouse and when we arrived, we were informed that due to recent heavy rains, there had been some leakage and water damage in the balcony where our seats were, so we were escorted by an usher who took us to our new seats that were set up in a makeshift area at the side of the stage.

As the actors were taking their place on stage before the opening curtain, one of the actors, a tall, stunning young woman with long jet black hair, called out to the stage manager and was speaking to her in whispers while glancing over at those of us seated in the wings.

After a few minutes, the curtain rose and the performance began.

Soon into the first musical number, I opened my program and, unintentionally, it made quite a bit of noise.

The actor who had given me a stern look earlier was now livid as I had broken her concentration as she was singing her musical number, a solo at center stage.

I tried to re-fold the program as quietly as possible, but ended up making even more noise.

The woman abruptly stopped singing in the middle of the number to her fellow actor’s dismay and, taking the audience by surprise, began yelling at the stage manager saying they should have never seated audience members on the stage and that the performance should have been canceled.

Then, the woman directed her ire at me asking how I could be so inconsiderate making all that noise rattling my program and not only ruining the performance, but ruining the live recording that was being made during that evening’s performance.

Then I woke up.

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