The Mezuzah | The Dreamweaver

I had gone to meet up with my ex-wife at the large corporation she worked at in a skyscraper downtown.

I arrived at the building where a makeshift security checkpoint had been set up at table outside of the main entrance where I was asked for my ID and instructed to put on my face mask.

I arrived at the designated floor and was greeted by my ex-wife who suggested we go out for lunch as the employee cafeteria was temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

She asked me to wait while she returned to her laboratory to change out of her lab coat and I asked her where the toilet was.

I entered the small WC and was surprised to see that not only had it not been cleaned, the toilet was was filled with urine and toilet paper, so I walked out, found the elevator and left the building.

Looking up at the public transport board I noticed that my tram would be arriving momentarily and decided to head back to my hotel.

I boarded the tram and soon realized I had taken the wrong one so I got off at the first stop with the intention of crossing over to the other platform and taking the next tram back to my ex-wife’s office.

Just then, I observed a group of people being harassed by a group of disorderly young men.

A middle-aged woman who had been waiting on the platform when I arrived walked over to try and disburse the group but soon became a victim of their abuse.

I saw one one of the young men pick up what looked like a metal pipe and thinking he might attempt to attack the woman, I immediately walked over and my presence seemed to de-escalate the tense scene.

The woman thanked me and invited me into the restaurant for something to eat to show her gratitude for what I had done.

We sat at a long common table where people were telling stories and I noticed an unusual clock on the wall that appeared to have a mezuzah attached to the bottom of it and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a Jewish-owned establishment.

Finally, when it was my turn to speak, I pointed to clock, about to make a comment about the mezuzah when just then I noticed it wasn’t a mezuzah at all, but an odd, oversized second hand.

I went on to make some comments about the clock then thanking my gracious hosts I excused myself saying I had to catch a tram back to the city.

I returned to the office building just as my ex-wife was signing out at the security checkpoint and she walked over and greeted me, apologizing for keeping me waiting.

Then I woke up.

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