The Highway Incident | The Dreamweaver

I was driving down a highway when I suddenly realized the traffic began to increase and there were cars going in excess of the speed limit while precariously passing other cars.

Then, the passenger in the back seat of my car pointed out the car in front of us was going unusually slow and was going to cause an accident.

Then I noticed something very peculiar and on closer inspection it appeared that the car in front was actually driving in reverse and was a right-hand drive car from England that had somehow driven onto the highway and began driving the wrong way until it must have noticed the mistake and then began driving backwards in order to avoid an accident.

The driver and I made eye contact and I tried to gesture to him to let him know that I was going to try and help him out of his predicament.

I started reducing my speed while keeping an eye on the traffic speeding by in the lanes on either side of us.

Finally, while keeping my eye on the approaching cars in back of me, I brought my car to a complete stop and the car in front of me stopped just as it was about to gently tap my front bumper.

So, now we were stopped in the center lane of a busy highway while cars on either side of us were speeding by and needed to find a way to get off the highway.

I got out of my car and just then a highway patrol cruiser pulled up and stopped on the shoulder of the highway.

The officer, a stern-looking middle-aged woman got out of her cruiser and began yelling at me with her bullhorn saying to stay where I was and not to attempt to cross the highway.

Knowing the only way to save my passengers as well as the family in the car in front of us was to cross the highway and get help, I ran across the lane to the right of me, carefully checking to make sure there were no cars coming.

I made it to a median where there were train tracks and thought it was strange that trains would be running in the middle of a highway.

Just then the highway patrol officer crossed the lane in front and ran to the median telling me a train would be coming by soon and that it wasn’t safe to stand there and we had to get to the shoulder by crossing the highway as carefully as possible.

I told her about the car of foreigners who had mistakenly driven onto the highway going the wrong direction and all I wanted to do was make sure they got off the highway safely.

Then I told the officer I was actually going to wait with them until the traffic subsided but was trying to get to the gas station on the other side of the highway to buy some chocolate cookies for everyone.

Seeing how I was actually a Good Samaritan, the officer said she would buy the cookies if I promised to return to the safety of my car until she came back with the cookies.

I reached into my wallet and handed her a ten euro note for the cookies and just as she made it safely back to the shoulder, a locomotive came rumbling past in the spot where we had just been standing only seconds before.

Then I woke up.

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