The Dry Cleaner* | The Dreamweaver

An old friend of mine, whose father had passed away ten years earlier, called and invited me to stay the night at his house in the country.

When I arrived at his house, he showed me to the guest room at the end of a long corridor.

Later that evening, I walked into my friend's parent's bedroom by mistake and saw his father there lying in bed and very much alive.

Astounded, I asked the man what had happened and he told me that there was some sort of mistake made at the hospital and about a year later he found himself in perfect health, though rendered totally blind.

He said since everyone thought he was dead and had already had an elaborate and very expensive funeral, he thought it best to simply remain "dead" to the world.

As he couldn't see me, he said he didn't remember my name nor could he place my voice.

When I told him I would often visit him at his dry cleaning shop where he used to call me "mieskeit" (a Yiddish word meaning loathsome and repulsvive), he began to cry and reached out for my hand.

Speechless and overcome with emotion, I also began to cry while holding his hand tightly.

Then I woke up.

*Originally manifested on August 20, 2019.

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