The Cat in the Car* | The Dreamweaver

I was driving northbound on Lake Shore Drive near Oak Street Beach with my son when we came upon a slowdown due to road works.

While stopped, I opened the door to let some fresh air in and noticed a cat urinating in the road.

I was taken aback by the odd "sizzling" sound the urine made and the smoke that rose from the street as the cat was relieving itself.

I turned to my son and said, "look at that, the cat's urine is so acidic it's burned a hole in the road."

Suddenly, just as I was closing the car door, the cat placed itself just inside the door, stopping me from closing it.

In an instant, the cat was in the car and on my lap just as one of the roadworks crew waved me on.

I started driving with the cat roaming around the car and as we drove further north down Sheridan Road and into the north suburbs, I was keenly aware of my driving, assuring myself that it wasn't a dream and even tapped the brakes just to make sure I was awake.

We arrived at our destination—the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette—and when when we opened the car doors to get out, the cat ran off, never to be seen again.

I turned to my son and said that, despite not being a cat lover, I would have kept it.

Handing me a Polaroid picture he'd taken of the cat in the back seat of the car he said, "you can keep this as a souvenir."

Then I woke up.

*This dream was originally manifested on June 20, 2015.

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