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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I was walking around my old neighborhood in Valencia when I spotted an old neighbor who recognized me and walked over to say hello. He told me he had just come back from buying an old restored Volkswagen Beetle and asked if I'd like to see it as it was parked just around the corner, so I followed him to the small square just in front of the soccer stadium's ticket window. It was a beautiful turquoise Beetle and I told him I thought it was one of the best restorations I’d seen, even better than mine. He was pleasantly surprised to hear that I too was an old Beetle enthusiast and asked if he could see my car sometime. I told him I had a prior commitment but that he could come by tomorrow. After he pulled away in his car, I realized I was in a bind as I had lied about having a Beetle of my own. As I stood there in the street I began searching for one on my phone and luckily found a seller who lived nearby. The next day, I was casually dusting off my new car when my old neighbor pulled up in his Beetle; he had his young granddaughter with him in the car. He was quite impressed with my car and said he’d never seen one that color of purple; I told him it was called aubergine. He asked me what year it was and as I didn’t have any idea, I tried pretending that I didn’t hear his question and while I was kneeling down at the back of the car buffing out the rear chrome fender, I noticed the car had a vintage automobile shield with car’s year on the emblem and saw the license plate was from Barcelona. Then I woke up.

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