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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I was offered a food concession at a new nightclub and live music venue that was being opened by an acquaintance.

Not wanting to miss out on a good business opportunity, I decided that bagels would be the best product to exploit.

I went to the neighborhood launderette where I knew the owner also owned and operated a large-scale wholesale baking business.

I told him I was interested in a range of flavored bagels and he took out a notebook and began writing the prices on a sheet of paper.

Looking over his shoulder, I was shocked to see how expensive the prices were.

He handed me the sheet of paper and I scanned the prices looking for the least expensive one, which would obviously be the plain bagel.

I was flabbergasted as I read the price: one euro.

Doing some quick calculations in my head, I figured I'd have to sell my bagels for four or five euros apiece to turn a profit.

I turned to the man and politely inquired why the bagels were so costly.

Shocked at my question, the man confidently said I wouldn't be able to find bagels anywhere that cost a mere one euro...per dozen.

Seeing how I didn't realize that the prices on the sheet were per dozen and not per piece, I casually said that my remark about the man's bagels being so expensive was meant sarcastically and indeed his prices were the lowest in town.

We shared a laugh and shook hands on our prospective partnership.

Then I woke up.

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