Seven Puppies* | The Dreamweaver

I was looking after seven puppies, one of which was a bit problematic, demanding and who insisted I took the entire litter outside to play.

I agreed and as we were walking down the stairs of the building I grew up in on Rosemont Avenue in Chicago, I noticed the demanding, problematic pup was beginning to look apprehensive.

It turns out that he was too scared to venture out and at once I scolded him for being the instigator of the outing and now changing his mind.

Humiliated by my scolding, he went back upstairs literally with his tail between his legs.

Once I got the other puppies outside the scene transformed into to the exterior of my grandparent's house on Maplewood Street where the puppies began to frolic on the lawn.

Suddenly, a woman with a large black a white dog (possibly a border collie) appeared on the next block just across Thorndale, and frightened the puppies causing them to run every which way.

Panicking, I saw a discarded cardboard box in the street filled with sand that I could use to put the puppies into once I began rounding them up.

I picked up the box, dumped out the sand and began running towards the church, but before I realized it, all the puppies had run away and not one was in sight.

Knowing I wouldn't be able to find them I went back home, defeated and utterly distraught.

I told my wife what had happened and she told me not to worry that the puppies would eventually get tired and hungry and find their way back home.

Meanwhile, I went over to where the demanding, problematic puppy was sleeping on the floor next to the fireplace. He awoke and asked me where the other puppies were and I explained what had happened.

I then went to reach out for him and he angrily reproached me, got up and walked away.

Then I woke up.

*Originally manifested on October 3, 2014.

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