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I was called up from Triple A to play in my first major league baseball game.

I was up to bat for the first time and hit the ball on the first pitch directly to the shortstop and ran as fast as I could to first base knowing I would easily be thrown out.

The shortstop made easy work of fielding the ball and his throw to first base was textbook.

Then, suddenly, the first baseman outstretched his glove to receive the perfectly thrown ball and, hitting the side of his glove, deflected out into right field, rolling slowly towards the wall where no defending fielder was anywhere in sight.

I over-ran first base and when I finally realized I had actually just got my first hit, I ran back to the base base.

Suddenly, I had just remembered that Major League Baseball had replaced the traditional bag-style bases with a hologram, however, as the holograms were orange, I had a difficult time seeing them on the green grass due to the fact that I was colorblind.

I was now standing on what I thought was first base and began taking a lead off as the next batter came to the plate.

I thought it was odd that the first baseman was playing so far down the line when I suddenly realized I wasn’t actually on first base.

Oddly, the first baseman didn’t seem to notice and I as I couldn’t seem to find the first base coach, I casually jogged back down the line to first base, seemingly the only one in the entire stadium who noticed my gaffe.

Just then, my teammate blasted a rocket into the left field corner and I ran like mad around the bases.

Approaching third base, I realized the ball hadn’t even been retrieved, so I darted for home scoring my first big league run.

After the game I was in the player’s lounge and was approached by two of my teammates’ wives who came over to congratulate me.

I told them the whole thing was a lucky fluke and when I mentioned I was colorblind, the two women shared a hearty belly laugh and could barely believe what I had just told them.

Then I woke up.

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