Reflections on a Party | The Dreamweaver

I met Lisa at a cafe and I told her I had been invited to a party and she agreed to join me so we walked to the high rise where my friend old college friend Melissa lived.

Entering the lobby of the building we had a hard time finding the right lift that went to the higher floors.

We waited for someone to come by so we could ask which lift to take.

On the way up, Lisa handed me her phone to show me a Wikipedia entry for someone named Jacques Comfy. I asked her who that was and she told me it was her ex-husband.

I wondered to myself if she had taken her husband’s surname and if she'd be keeping it after the divorce.

We arrive at the party and it turned out that Lisa and Melissa were wearing the exact same designer dress, which they both thought was hilarious and it created a kind of bonding moment.

We sat in a circle of chairs drinking wine while Melissa was telling a story about her recent trip to Africa and the safari she went on.

Suddenly, Lisa tapped me on the shoulder as she had noticed that Melissa was sitting in such a way that you saw she wasn’t wearing any underwear and Lisa wanted me to get her attention.

Once Melissa figured out what I was trying to discretely tell her, she ended her story and came over and thanked us. She said she was going to first have a quick cigarette out on the balcony and then go and put some panties on.

I was shocked at the sight of seeing her smoking as I had always known her to be fiercely against it.

As we were about to leave the party and getting our coats on, I looked at myself in the mirror in the hallway and thought that my face looked quite gaunt and I was suddenly overcome with concern.

Lisa asked me if everything was okay and I told her I had recently lost some much needed weight but thought my face looked thin and sickly, to which she replied she thought I looked quite well and healthy.

Then I woke up.

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