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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Acclaimed Michelin-star chef, Oscar Torrijos. (Photo by the author)

My friend, acclaimed, Valencia-based chef, Oscar Torrijos, appeared at my home in Holland and I immediately offered him a cup of coffee.

Noticing the Nespresso machine on my kitchen counter, he sprung up from his chair and said, “not from that thing!” He calmed down when I showed him the “cafetera,” or moka pot that I was going use to make him a “real” cup of coffee.

After cutting open a fresh, silver-colored bag of Segafredo coffee, I went to pour the contents of the bag into the white, tin coffee canister that sits on our window ledge but failed to notice it was half filled with water.

I quickly salvaged just enough coffee to fill the cafetera and set it on the stove before Oscar caught a glimpse of what had happened.

He then came over and started decorating some cookies that had been cooling on the countertop and placed them on a platter to serve to my daughters who were eagerly looking on as Oscar decorated the cookies.

Then I woke up.

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