Old Friends* | The Dreamweaver

Bernie Behrens and I were passengers in a car and I asked him if he remembered Martin Lohan, a German boy who came our school in second or third grade.

I asked him if he spoke German with Martin and Bernie said they didn't because their families came from different parts of Germany and I told Bernie I remembered him telling me his family came from the north.

Then I told him (the true story) about the time we were having gym class outside and during a game of "Red Rover," we blocked Martin Lohan from breaking through and he turned to me and punched me in the stomach, taking my breath away.

Next, my childhood friend Michael Dorontich stopped by the restaurant I owned thinking it was where I also cut hair. Luckily, I had my barber tools in my office upstairs and asked my daughters to bring everything down so I could cut Michael's hair.

I noticed the lights were too dim to work, so I walked over and knelt beside the electrical box trying (in vain) to find the right light switches to illuminate the chair Michael was sitting in.

After a few tries, I finally selected the right switches and the lights came on.

I then took a striped barber cape from a drawer and threw it over Michael noticing it had an unusual array of snaps and strings, making it difficult and awkward to properly cover him with the cape.

Then I woke up.

*Originally manifested on November 27, 2020.

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