Nikki & Mickey | The Dreamweaver

I took the kids to Disneyland and we were watching a child-appropriate show being performed by the normally risqué comedian Nikki Glaser.

During her act, she asked for a father from the audience to volunteer and come on stage during a segment of her act where she did a sketch about a young, single woman who falls in love at first sight with a much older man with children she meets at Disneyland while spending the day there to take her mind of her recent breakup with her boyfriend.

After the show, Nikki comes up to me as we were leaving the theater and asks if we would join her in the performer’s canteen for something to eat.

Once in the canteen, I noticed my Peruvian friend Ricardo sitting at a table with his wife and two young children talking to some of the performers, still wearing their Disney character costumes.

Nikki gave me her employee ID card and told me to get 250 dollars worth of vouchers from the machine in the corridor and order food while she went to her dressing room to change.

Somewhat confused about this so-called voucher machine, I walked over to it and waited for someone to come by and use it so I could see how it worked.

Just then, Ricardo came by and, not recognizing me, inserted a card into a slot in the front of the machine, tapped some buttons on the panel and retrieved a stack of black vouchers.

When he walked away, I inserted Nikki's card and when it asked me to tap in the quantity I desired, I couldn’t remember how much Nikki told me to take so I selected 250 and the machine spit out a stack of black vouchers.

I returned to the canteen and saw that Nikki had returned and was sitting at another table, so I handed her the vouchers and told her I would bring the kids over to the table.

As I started to walk away, she grabbed my hand pulling me back and said she was sorry if she had put me on the spot or made me feel uncomfortable during her show and if I might be interested in starting a relationship with her, understanding, with no bad feelings, if I wasn't.

To show her I was indeed interested, I reached down and gave her a hug, noticing she had changed into a small white dress.

Then I was with the kids on a ride and we were inside of an enclosed compartment as the ride was a space capsule simulator.

When the ride was over, I noticed that my youngest daughter had been playing with her toys while we were on the ride and taken several of them out of her little cardboard suitcase and strewn them about the capsule.

I asked my other daughters to help gather the toys and pack them back into their sister’s case.

Being the last ones off the ride, we got to the exit door only to find some park employees directing us to the exit as it was closing time, which surprised me as it was still light outside.

We headed for the double metal doors and I thought to myself that I would probably never see Nikki again.

Then I woke up.

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