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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I was alone on New Year's Eve and decided to go to a concert, so I took my Roland portable synthesizer and went into town.

Arriving at the concert hall, I realized I had forgotten my face mask at home so I went into the gift shop where they had a selection of masks on display on the counter. Not seeing any solid black ones, I asked the cashier who told me they only had grey ones. I told the cashier I’d take a grey one and she said they only came in boxes of three so I bought the box.

After I paid, I took the box to the other side of the counter to open it when I realized I had left my synthesizer by the cash register so I walked back around to the other side of the counter to get it, relieved to find it was still there.

Returning to the box of grey face masks, I finished removing them and then went looking for a bin to discard the box. When I returned from throwing the box away, I was horrified to find the synthesizer had been stolen.

I frantically ran around the gift shop and cloakroom looking for any signs of its whereabouts but to no avail. I was then approached by the manager of the concert hall who was told there was a patron who was quite agitated and I told him what had happened. He was apologetic and assured me his security team would do everything in their power to get my synthesizer back.

He then asked me if I wouldn’t mind putting on a face mask while I was inside the concert hall and I apologized telling him I had just purchased a box of three masks from the gift shop and pointed to where I had just been unpacking them from their box only to observe they were no longer on the counter...stolen, just like the synthesizer.

The manager, who suddenly began to understand that my whole story was a fabrication, kindly asked me to leave the premises and had me escorted out of the concert hall in handcuffs by his security team.

Then I woke up.

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