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Our new downstairs neighbors were in the process of moving house when I decided to take a ride over to their old apartment to let them know an important package had arrived for them which I had signed for.

While the young woman was appreciative of my coming all that way to tell them, her husband, suspecting I may have been having an affair with his wife, curtly asked why I would bring the package to the house they were moving out of when it was clearly meant for the new house.

I told him I hadn't actually brought the package and had only come to notify them of its arrival in case it was something urgent enough for them to go and collect.

The woman reproached her husband saying that she thought it was very kind of me to go out of my way and I reiterated that the only reason I did so was because the package had an “urgent “ stamp on it.

Just then, the woman’s mother came over and asked me if I’d like something to drink, to which I politely declined.

Then, the woman walked into another room and returned with two boxes. She told me to choose one as a small token of her appreciation for my coming to inform her about the package.

I selected the white, flatter of the two boxes and bid the woman farewell.

Then I woke up.

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