Nelson* | The Dreamweaver

I went back to Clinton School in my childhood neighborhood to visit my old gym teacher Nelson Lieberman.

When I arrived, Mr. Lieberman was sitting at his desk in the gym office wearing grey sweats and a bright, white t-shirt. He stood up and greeted me with a very long and firm handshake.

He kept on "joking" about what a horrible kid I was but happy to hear that I "turned out okay."

He introduced me to his girlfriend, an attractive young woman in her mid-twenties with very bushy eyebrows and a lot of hair on her forearm.

The young woman was lying down on a gym mat drawing cartoon-like pictures and though she spoke to me from to time to time, she didn't take her eyes off of her drawing once.

Finally, Mr. Lieberman asked his girlfriend if she thought I was "okay enough" to get my contact details so we could "get together for a drink."

She concurred and I gave her my telephone number and email address, which she wrote down on the same piece of paper she had been drawing on.

Lieberman briskly shook my hand again as we agreed to see each other soon.

Then I woke up.

*This dream was originally manifested on January 2, 2014

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