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I was on my way to band rehearsal at one of my band mate's apartment when I came upon an old, broken Gibson SG electric guitar body in the window of a pawn shop.

I went in and asked the price and was surprised to find that it was only 299 dollars, so I bought it.

Arriving at my friend's apartment for rehearsal, I was the first one there and found my guitar in a stand near the front door, which I thought was rather odd seeing how we rehearsed in a spare bedroom and that leaving the guitar near the door, my friend's young children might accidentally break it.

Bringing the two guitars into the practice room, I plugged in the SG to see if it worked and, to my complete surprise, it sounded great and I thought to myself how much better it will sound once I find and attach a new neck to it.

While waiting for the others to arrive, I had a look around my friend's apartment and, walking over to the window, I suddenly became aware how high his apartment was and became quite anxious about the windows being able to be opened in a high rise building and was worried I might be tempted to jump out if my back pain got any worse during the rehearsal.

Not wanting to upset my band mates with my thoughts of dread, I decided to put my guitar back on the stand near the door and take the SG back to the pawn shop and ask for my money back, worried that the guitar might bring me bad luck.

Then I woke up.

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