Morning Fragments | The Dreamweaver


I was getting ready to head home and stopped in front of the Lebanese restaurant on the Avenida Aragon in Valencia.

I put my skateboard on the ground and folded by baseball cap in half and set it on top of the skateboard to free my hands so I'd be able to put my hoodie on.

Two young men were walking my way and I was worried they might see the skateboard and take it thinking someone might have left it abandoned.

The taller of the two men—wearing black running tights—bent over and pretended he was going to steal my skateboard, but quickly recoiled and flashed me a friendly smile.

As he and his friend walk away, I noticed he was wearing a hybrid running shoe/inline skate whose wheels were concealed inside the sole of the shoe.

Then I woke up.


I was walking down a busy street in a European capital with two of my young daughters and ran into an old friend who asked if she could walk with us a while as she felt a bit concerned about a man she was convinced had been following her.

We walked for a few blocks and she said she felt comfortable enough to be on her way and thanked me before turning the corner disappearing into a crowd of pedestrians.

Just then, I noticed that my two young daughters were nowhere to be found and I stood there in the crowded street feeling frightened and concerned.

Then I woke up.


I was looking in the window of a small café trying to see what tapas were on offer in the display case on top of the bar.

Just then, an old friend came up to me and said hello and asked if I would like to join her inside for a cup of coffee.

We went inside and she began to peruse the selection of tapas and returned to our table saying the selection looked pretty unappealing.

She told me to take my coffee cup and saucer and follow her into an adjacent café and I was a bit surprised that she would just pick up and leave—and with the coffee that we had just been served in the first café.

My friend said she knew the café owner and that she had done it a million times, so I followed her out the door and through a narrow alleyway that connected the two cafés.

We entered the café through a doorway in which hung a colorful glass beaded curtain that rattled as we walk through them into the café.

Then I woke up.


I had been staying in a luxury hotel and was unhappy with my room and bed pillows, so I went down to the reception desk and voiced my complaint to the young man who was there.

He apologized and said he would immediately move me into another room and upgrade me at no additional cost as a courtesy.

I took the elevator to the top floor, excited that I would be staying in the hotel's renowned penthouse suite.

I walked into the suite and couldn't believe my eyes, never having seen such a luxurious hotel room like that before.

I returned to my original room to inform my wife about what had transpired as a result of my complaining about our room and we gathered our things to take them to our new suite.

The elevator we took only went as far as the penultimate floor, and my wife complained about having to walk up the final flight of stairs to the suite.

After dinner in the suite, we decided to watch a film on the giant-screen TV in the large living room.

While we watching the film, an older woman came in and sat down on the couch next to us, covered herself in a white cotton blanket and proceeded to light a cigarette.

Enraged, I came to understand that the desk clerk had moved us into a shared suite—and on a smoking floor nonetheless.

After a few minutes, the woman got up to go to the toilet and I began waving a magazine I picked up from the coffee table to try and disperse the thick cloud of cigarette smoke the woman left behind.

Just then, the woman came back and saw me waving the smoke away and made some snide remark.

I took my wife by the hand and angrily led her out of the living room, making a few rude remarks to the woman as we left.

Walking through the suite to find another place to watch TV, I was amazed at how large the suite was, remembering seeing it on the hotel's website and that it was a family suite that during high season was over 10,000 dollars a week.

Then I noticed a staircase leading to an upper floor and I suggested to my wife that we go and explore what was upstairs.

Then I woke up.

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