Melissa and the Horse* | The Dreamweaver

I had just boarded the 155 Devon Avenue bus going westbound and just as we were coming to California Avenue, I noticed there was guy smoking a cigar and the bus was filling up with stogie smoke so I went to the bus driver and complained.

The bus driver curtly replied that if I didn't like it and was offended by the stench, I could simply get off the bus, so I did.

As the bus pulled away I saw an old friend Melissa, who had gone to the same college as I did.

Melissa was horseback riding down Devon Avenue with three friends.

Suddenly, her horse got spooked, turned southbound into California Avenue and threw Melissa from the horse and she landed on the ground in the entrance of a parking lot where there used to be a Fotomat when I was a kid.

I ran across the street to see if she was okay and saw that she was pretty badly hurt and knocked unconscious.

Her girlfriends came running over and I immediately asked one of them to remove her brown leather jacket so I could put it under Melissa's head.

Melissa finally regained consciousness and asked if I was Richard, who she went to DePaul University with.

I said it was me and she thanked me for helping her and asked me to stay with her until the ambulance arrived and if I wouldn't mind taking her horse back home.

Then I woke up.

*This dream was originally manifested on April 4, 2013.

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