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I was living in Berlin and needed to collect some documents from the chamber of commerce.

The office was located in an indoor complex housing retail shops, food and beverage outlets, offices and a variety of ministries and other government offices.

I cycled into the complex remembering the chamber of commerce office was on the right side.

I passed a middle-aged busker with stringy long black hair playing guitar and singing.

The busker gestured by lifting the neck of his guitar as I rode by, indicating he wanted me to stop and toss a few coins into his guitar case.

Distracted, I rode right by the chamber of commerce office and, not wanting to turn around amidst the crowds, decided to cycle around the other side and then go back the way I came.

As I was riding down the other side, I notice a sign that indicated the chamber of commerce was on the side of the complex I was now cycling in and I felt a bit confused.

Unsure about which office I needed to go to---though I was convinced I had originally submitted my papers in the office across the way---I decided to stop in front of the hotel and ask the doorman which of the two offices he thought would be the right one to collect my paperwork from.

Just as I was about to get off my bike, a towering man was standing beside me and I thought I may have cut him off.

To my surprise, it was actually the hotel doorman and I asked him about the chamber of commerce.

He said it made more sense that I would probably need to pick up the documents at the same office where I originally submitted them.

I thanked the doorman and went on my way.

Still not convinced, I decided to check my phone to see if there was any information on the chamber of commerce website.

I stopped at the end of the complex and got off my bike and was checking my phone just as a man with a yarmulke was leaving a law office.

I noticed it was closing time and a number of men with yarmulkes were wishing each other a good Sabbath as they shook hands and headed out of the office.

I stopped one of the lawyers and asked his advice about where he thought I should pick up my papers.

The man said it would definitely be at the office on the other side of the complex so I thanked him and wished him a gut shabbos, to which he turned around, smiled and returned the greeting as he walked away.

Just as I was about to get back on my bike, I noticed the other chamber of commerce office was right in front of me so I decided, since I was already there, to go inside and inquire about my papers.

I was greeted by an attractive, nicely dressed woman in her thirties with long wavy brown hair who said it didn't matter which office I collected the documents from as everything was now done digitally.

She told me to follow her into her office and have my passport ready.

We walked into her office and she told me to sit on the upholstered bench while she checked my ID and retrieved my paperwork from her computer.

She printed the papers and was holding my passport up to compare the signature on the document to the one in my passport.

The woman remarked how perfectly the two signatures matched, saying that most people's signatures vary, some, she said, were almost unrecognizable as being the same person's.

I joked by saying I had be working on perfecting my signature for the past 59 years, to which she laughed and nodded her head.

Just then, she came and sat next next to me on the bench, which I thought was a bit peculiar.

Next, she reached over and touched my face, apologizing for the directness of her actions saying she didn't knwo what came over her.

She looked deep into my eyes and took my hand and placed it on the back of her head and I began to stroke her hair.

I told the woman that I thought her hair was the softest hair I had ever touched.

She then stood up and walked around and sat down on my knee and began passionately kissing me on my lips.

During the kiss, our eyes both opened and we found ourselves locked in a trance-like stare.

A few seconds later, when our lips finally parted, the woman apologized saying she had never done anything like that before and was sincerely sorry if she had offended me in any way.

I told her wasn't married or in a relationship to which she replied she wasn't either.

She said it was the first time in her life she had fallen in love at first sight and acted on her impulses knowing that she would regret it if she hadn't followed her feelings.

She got up off of my knee and sat back down on the bench, looked at me and said she'd be getting off of work in a few minutes and if I wanted to wait we could go grab a bite of dinner together and get better acquainted.

Then I woke up.

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