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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I walked into the office and saw Lorenzo sitting at a small desk next to the door.

Recognizing him from his profile picture on Instagram, I decided not to greet him at first, but went straight to the small refrigerator and removed a tub of vanilla ice cream and scooped a ball into a small transparent glass bowl. I removed a spoon from a metal utensil cup and ate a spoonful of ice cream.

Setting the bowl on top of the microwave, I walked over to the door and stood beside Lorenzo looking over his shoulder to see what he had been writing.

I asked him if he was from Argentina and he was surprised that I knew where he was from, especially because he was conscious of the fact that, with his poofy blonde hair and blue eyes, no one ever guessed he was from South America.

Then, just to make sure he was really from Argentina, I mumbled some Spanish under my breath to see what his reaction might be.

I said, “me cae mal los Argentinos,” which means "I don’t like Argentineans.”

Lorenzo immediately reacted by moving his bushy blonde eye brows up and down in a comical, almost Charlie Chaplin sort of way that made me burst out into laughter.

I let Lorenzo in on the joke telling him that not only did I not really dislike Argentinians, I had family living there.

Asking him if he wanted some ice cream, he zealously reached over and took my bowl of ice cream and just as he was about to scoop some up, I told that was mine and had already eaten from that bowl but I’d be glad to get him some of his own.


I was leaving the airport and wasn’t sure which bus to take, so I got on the first one in the rank.

On the way to the campgrounds, I noticed a massive old building and dozens of bulldozers, cranes and other heavy machinery and wondered if they were going to tear it down.

I arrived at the campgrounds and noticed I was early so I decided to get a bicycle with the intention of riding into the village to see if I could find a bottle of the dietary supplement Quercetin.

Arriving at the shop where I always bought my vitamins, I noticed that they had moved the Solgar brand products I always bought, so I looked around to see if I could find where they were moved to.

Not able to find them, I asked a young woman who was kneeling on the floor removing items from a box and placing them on a shelf if she could tell me where the Solgar products had been moved. She pointed to a row just around the corner where I had already looked to no avail, so I thanked her and walked out of the shop.

I got on my bicycle and decided to return to the campgrounds and as I passed the construction sight, I noticed the building had been demolished.

I stopped to observe the wreckage and an older woman who had been standing there turned to me and said how surprised she was that they would have decided to demolish that old building after so many years.

I arrived at the home of my high school girlfriend on Lunt Avenue just as her father was leaving and he greeted me and said that his daughter had been expecting me.

I walked upstairs and she was still in bed, which I thought was unusual seeing that it was late in the day.

While I hadn’t seen her in 35 years, I was amazed to she looked the same as she did the last time I saw her all those years ago.

She rolled over and took my hand and said she realized that she had made a terrible mistake by breaking off our engagement all those years ago and that she would make it up to me by marrying me and leaving me her fortune as she was terminally ill, wanting to enjoy what little time she had with the love of her life.


Noticing was a feeling blue, my two female roommates went to the kitchen and made me a vegetarian-style full English breakfast and served it to me at my desk.

As I began eating, the women watched eagerly to see my reaction.

One of them then asked me what was wrong with my head and taken aback by her peculiar question I asked her why she thought something was wrong with my head. Laughing, she she corrected me by saying I had misunderstood her question and had asked what was wrong with my hair, not my head.

Laughing and running my fingers through my hair I told her I had just woken up and I usually have a million cowlicks when I just get out of bed in the morning. I mentioned that I had buzzed my hair five weeks ago and that I was trying to let it grow out.

Then I woke up.

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