Kyrie Eleison | The Dreamweaver

I had just finished performing with my band when my old friend Robert came back stage accompanied by a security guard.

Thrilled to see my old friend after so many years, I invited him to the canteen for a drink so we could catch up and reminisce about old times.

After we finished our drinks, I asked Robert if he had ever tried a Beyond Burger. Saying he had never heard of it, I walked into the kitchen and asked our tour chef to prepare two burgers.

I went back to the table where Rob and I were sitting and asked him if he felt like jamming for old-time's sake while we were waiting for our burgers.

He loved the idea so we returned to the hall but noticed that all the gear had already been broken down and packed away.

I turned to one of the road crew, a young woman with long, jet-black hair and tattoos on her arms, neck and face who wore a Harley Davidson t-shirt if she could bring a couple of amps and a microphone back inside.

The woman, who was focussed on her work, told me she would have to ask permission from her supervisor or from one of the members of the band.

Then she looked at me again realizing who I was. She apologized saying that it was her first day on the tour and didn't recognize me at first and would immediately get the equipment off the truck and set it up on the stage.

While the young woman was setting up the amps and microphone, I told Rob that I had this secret fantasy of singing "Kyrie," a song made popular in 1985 by the American pop rock band Mr. Mister.

Rob said he knew the song and went up on the stage while I took the microphone and stand down in front of the stage.

Rob told me to begin with the vocal intro and I sang the opening lyrics, "Kyrie Eleison."

Just then, the road crew all stopped what they were doing and stood on the stage listening to me singing and began to applaud.

Then I woke up.

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