Keen as Mustard* | The Dreamweaver

Wendy and I were at the supermarket.

The shopping cart was filled to the top so we decided it was time to check out.

As we got into the checkout line, I remembered I had forgotten to get yellow mustard so I ran back to the condiment aisle.

Looking frantically, I couldn't find any yellow mustard.

Finally, I glanced a few red plastic bottles of what appeared to be ketchup alone atop an empty shelf. I also saw what appeared to be a yellow bottle behind the red ones.

Being high out of reach, I asked a young stock clerk with an apron who was opening a box if he wouldn't mind helping me get the yellow bottle down so I could see if it was mustard.

He looked at his watch and said that technically he didn't start his shift for another minute, but wouldn't mind helping me. He retrieved the bottle and to my absolute delight it was a bottle of French's Classic Yellow Mustard. I couldn't believe my luck that of all things the very last bottle of mustard in this Dutch supermarket was the brand I desired most.

Handing the bottle over to me, the young man took notice of the price tag and nearly gasped.

It was €10,95, nearly ten times the price of a regular bottle of yellow mustard.

I told him that it didn't matter that it would last me a year or more, so it was really a good buy.

Walking back to the checkout line I was thinking of ways to justify spending nearly 11 euros on a bottle of mustard, knowing that Wendy would certainly have a conniption.

Then I noticed that the expiration date on the bottle said OCT-2039 and I had found my justification for the spend.

Then I woke up.

*This dream was originally dreamt on March 4th 2015.

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