It Wasn't Gail Wanzung | The Dreamweaver

I went upstairs to the audiovisual lab at school knowing it would be empty and a place where I could get some peace and quiet and a much needed break.

I walked in to find no one there so I took a chair in front of a computer, logged in and began watching The Judge.

A few minutes later, a young woman walked in and sat down at the computer next to me.

I could only see her from the back, but I got enough of a glance to see it was my old elementary school classmate Gail Wanzung, who I hadn’t seen in over 40 years.

As she apparently didn’t recognize me, I was going to say hello and ask about her brother Danny and her sister, but suddenly realized I couldn’t remember her sister’s name and then I had some doubts about whether or not her brother’s name was actually Danny.

Not wanting to make a fool of myself, I decided to say hello and simply ask her how her family was.

When the tall young woman turned around, I immediately realized it wasn’t Gail Wanzung at all, but a light-skinned African American woman wearing what appeared to be a blonde wig.

The woman returned the greeting and sat in front of me on the other side of the table.

She proceeded to take something out of her bag that appeared to be a piece of paper rolled up into a tight wad and covered with cellophane tape which in turn covered dozens of small handwritten names and numbers.

I immediately knew that the young woman was a con artist and would be asking me for a “donation” and in turn she would include my name and the amount of money I donated onto the balled up wad of paper.

I told her she was neither permitted to be in the building nor solicit money from students or staff members and asked her to leave at once.

When she became angry and refused to leave, I told her I would call security.

Then, the young woman removed a pack of what looked to be tarot cards from her bag and began spreading the cards on the table in front of me.

I stood up and grabbed the woman by the arm and physically escorted her to the door closing and locking it once she was outside.

Then I woke up.

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