Howard's Van* | The Dreamweaver

My band had just performed on a college campus in a majestic, cathedral-like building and my childhood friend Howard had come backstage after the concert to congratulate the band and yack up old times.

During the encounter, Howard mentioned to those present in the room that he had just returned from a trip around the world in a van and that the van was now for sale and in excellent condition in spite of having chalked up 260,000 miles.

He also mentioned that if anyone was interested and wanted to see the dark blue van, it was parked just outside on the street below and he gestured to the window where the van was in plain sight.

Then, so we could all get a look, he removed a remote control device from his pocket, aimed it at the van outside and the van began moving in reverse, then up on the curb in better view from our vantage point.

Just then, a traffic cop walked up to the van, which was illegally parked on the sidewalk, and began writing a ticket.

Finally, Howard aimed the remote control at the van once again and it drove off—driverless—down the street to the police officer's dismay.

Then I woke up.

*Originally manifested on October 16, 2020.

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