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I was in Mexico and ran into my childhood friend Jodee, who was carrying a bag of groceries. She greeted me and said she had been living in Mexico for more than 30 years

Jodee offered to take me to my hotel, saying she used to live near there and knew a shortcut.

When I arrived at the hotel, the front desk clerk refused to check me in because the name on my credit card was different than the name on the reservation, though I tried to explain the name on my credit card was my business's.

I decided to leave the hotel and see if the apartment I had rented was ready for me to move into.

Arriving at the apartment complex, I found the woman in charge who told me they had just finished painting and the apartment was ready for me to move in. She handed me the keys and gave me a welcome pack and package of shredded cheese.

She escorted me to the elevator and pressed the button to take me to the 46th floor.

Once I put my things in the apartment and had a look around, I walked to the end of the corridor on my floor to a meeting room where I was introduced to some of the the other residents who lived on my floor; most of them were international university students, researchers and lecturers.

I was approached by one young man who introduced himself and invited me to a reggae night at a nearby bar.

Later that day, as I was leaving the building to have a look around the neighborhood, I met a man as I was walking out who introduced himself as the "information porter." The man was wearing a tank top and bathing suit and told me everyone wears a bathing suit under their clothes in Mexico so they're always ready to go for a swim.

Later, I met Mark, who was the floor supervisor who told me he had everyone’s phone number if I needed to contact anyone.

After going for a bike ride with some of my new friends from the building, we were cycling back to the residence and were stopped at a red light. As we were on the street side of a large group of cyclists waiting at a traffic light in a busy intersection, I knew we'd have to get a good head start as soon as the light turned green to beat those who were turning left so we could continue straight along.

When the light changed to green, the cyclists who had been waiting next to us all laughed out loud and began shouting "green gos!" as we were foreigners who had yet to learn the subtleties of navigating through the busy intersections. We all had a good laugh at their using a play on words and it was taken in jest.

Just as I was chaining up my bike to a rack in front of my building, I saw Jodee walking towards me carrying the same shopping bag she had hours earlier when I had first arrived in town. She walked over to me and kissed me passionately on the lips and said if I would be her dinner date that evening, she would invite back to her apartment afterwards and "give me a proper welcome to Mexico."

She gave me a piece of paper with the name and address of the restaurant and her phone number. I told her I didn't have a phone yet and she pointed to a shop across the street where she said I could buy a phone and sign up for a calling plan.

I walked over to the shop and was looking at the price list for overseas calls and decided to sign up up for the most expensive bundle as it came with a free phone.

After leaving the phone store, I walked up the high street looking for a mail box as I had been carrying an envelope I had been meaning to send.

The envelope was addressed only to "Bee."

Then I woke up.

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