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Updated: Jan 13, 2021


My roommates and I were busily trying to collect the last of our things as we were hastily asked to vacate our beachfront apartment despite having a lease and rent that was paid up to date.

The apartment was nearly empty and there was a bit of tidying up to do as the movers had left a mess; there was quite a bit of sand on the floor.

I went to empty a closet that was filled with miscellaneous items the previous tenants had left behind when one of my roommates appeared and asked if there was anything interesting.

I started removing boxes that contained mostly decorative items such as candles and an assortment of tchotchkes, all new in their boxes or wrapped in plastic. We ended up packing a separate box of items from the boxes we were looking through.

Just then, one of our neighbors came in, a tall, thin and gruff young Israeli man who I had befriended and had worked up a very good friendship with during the time I lived in the building.

While I was looking around for more things to pack, I overheard the Israeli having a heated argument in the kitchen with my Spanish roommate.

I walked in to see if I could de-escalate things and the Israeli picked up my video camera from the kitchen table, opened the slot where the memory card was and removed it.

I told him that was my camera and asked why he had taken the memory card out and he said he would hold onto it until my Spanish roommate paid him everything he owed him.

I approached the Israeli who was red with anger and indifferent towards me and asked him why he would take something of mine, which he had no right to do, even more so that I had nothing to do with whatever beef he had with my roommate.

He looked down to me and in a near fit of rage told me to mind my own business to which I replied the memory card was my business and he had no right taking it.

I then reminded him about our close friendship, calling him the familiar achi, in Hebrew, to which he responded "I'm not your brother."

I walked out of the kitchen and approached another one of my roommates and asked her if she thought her friend Sarah would lend us her car so we could finish getting the last of our things out of the apartment.


Walking out of the airport terminal with a female friend (or relative), we were surprised to see it had snowed and wondered when the last it snowed there; we crossed a busy street kicking up the snow as we walked to the other side to wait for a taxi.


I was at home sitting on the floor with our cat, who was unusually playful and keen to be stroked and petted; my parents were putting on their coats and getting ready to leave.


I was in the bedroom picking up after our guests had left, re-making the two single beds as I didn't like the way our guests had made them.

I went to open the curtains and shades, noticing the shades were in tatters, remembering they needed to be replaced.

I tried to remove them but they were in such a decrepit state, every time I tried to adjust them a piece broke off into my hand.

I decided to leave the shades as they were for a moment and walked over to the single bed on the right with the intention of fixing the pillow when I remembered I had just re-made the bed.

As I began adjusting the pillow, I remembered I should have removed all the bed linens for washing seeing how we had guests sleep over the night before.

I decided to leave the bed linens in place seeing how they were only used for one night and as we weren't expecting new guests any time soon, I could wash the sheets and blankets at a later time.

Then I woke up.

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