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I had just taken over day-to-day operations of a car rental service and my boss, the owner of the company, sent me to the depot to sort things out as the previous manager had all but run the company into the ground.

My boss gave me free rein to do whatever I thought necessary to get the company back on track, including hiring and firing drivers and staff as I saw fit.

I arrived at the depot and immediately identified one of the workers, a young man in his twenties, who I felt would be a reliable source of information.

The young man identified one driver in particular who single-handedly brought the fleet to a state of ruin by not keeping up with the scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the cars.

I approached this driver and was greeted with confrontation.

I asked him for a complete overview of each car and to show me the maintenance records, which he refused to do telling me that all the cars were in better than working order.

Angry, he got into a white station wagon and began to drive out of the depot when the other young man blocked his way by standing in front of the car.

Just then, my boss arrived and enquired what was going on and why was his son being detained.

Not knowing the upstart was my bosses son, I told him how I was told he had been neglecting his job and had allowed the entire fleet of cars to become in a state of disrepair.

Angered, he dragged his son out of the car and took him into the office trailer on the lot.

He emerged a few minutes later and told me that I was to personally take every car on the lot to the mechanic for servicing then have every car washed and detailed until they all looked as good as new. He made sure I understood that I was to spare no expense and spend whatever I deemed necessary to get his business afloat again.

I decided not to waste a single minute and get into the white station wagon as the motor was still running and get it across town to the mechanic.

I got in the car drove out of the lot and suddenly noticed the brakes weren't working.

Trying to remain calm, I tried again to stop to no avail.

As I was now driving in traffic, I had to keep my eyes on the road while trying to figure out how to safely stop the car.

Seeing I was coming to a busy intersection, I needed to act fast and stop the car before getting to the crossing, so I slowly began to lift the parking break which also produced no results. It appeared as there was no way to avoiding crashing into the cars in the intersection.

Seconds before reaching the junction, I noticed there were tram tracks to the right and if I could somehow manage to quickly maneuver the car and drive onto the tracks, I could buy some time and figure out how to stop the car.

Just as I was about to turn onto the tracks, a tram passed by which was a bit of a relief as I figured I would have some extra time before the next tram came behind me.

Once I was securely driving on the tacks, I called my boss, who told me that his son had cut the break lines on the car with the intention of killing me and getting me out of the way before I was able to discover how he had deliberately hijacked his father's company; all of this to later win back his father's trust by fixing all the cars and making the company profitable again so his father would promote him to manager.

Just then, I saw the tram in front of me and realized I had picked up speed and was quickly catching up to it.

Realizing it would only be a matter of time before I caught up to the tram and crashed into it—potentially injuring or even killing dozens of passengers and pedestrians—I decided to try and roll the car over.

Taking a firm grip of the steering wheel, I turned sharply into the tracks which sent the car flipping over to its right.

Once the dust settled and the car had come to a complete stop on its side, I called 911 to report the incident and told the operator that while I was able to stop the car and avoid colliding with the tram in front of me, the car managed to land on, and was now blocking, the tracks on the opposite side. I implored the operator to get help as soon as possible as there would surely be an oncoming tram in a matter of minutes.

Then I woke up.

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