Dominic Miller* | The Dreamweaver

Argentinian-born American guitarist Dominic Miller wanted to play at my THISSFest singer-songwriter festival and I was so excited until I remembered that he didn't sing.

So, I went to the gift shop that he and his family owned which was located in some mountain village in Spain, and spoke to the man who was running the place and asked him how I could find Dominic, that I needed to talk to him urgently (my solution was that Dominic would play all of my songs and I would sing them!).

The shop assistant said he could take me to him and we got into this very large passenger van and drove (exceedingly fast) to a nearby village.

The man parked the van under some overhead train tracks and took me into a large, very posh drinking establishment.

He asked me if I had heard of this famous 90s glam-metal band (which I hadn't) and that he wanted to introduce me to the lead singer (who I had also never heard of).

The "famous" singer was sat in an oversized, wingback armchair and was ridiculously dressed in a three-piece suit garishly accessorized with an odd assortment of bling and a silky shirt unbuttoned to the navel.

The first thing the has-been (who I had never heard of) said to me was, "I organize music events." In turn, I said, "so do I."

He gave me a disgusted look and retorted," I guess everybody does…"

Then I woke up

*This dream was originally manifested on14 March 2015.

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