Deb's Crown (Bubmare) | The Dreamweaver

It was my first shift back at Bub City after many years since I'd last worked there.

I was approached by Stephanie who informed me that I was going to be a floor manager as they were short a few managers on the team and seeing how I had enough experience having worked in the kitchen and behind the bar, I would be suitable for the job.

Stephanie showed me the glass enclosed private dining areas with themed rooms that I would be looking after that evening.

I went to the break room and saw a few of the servers looking concerned as they stood around Deb who was sitting in a chair in obvious pain as one of her crowns had come loose.

Mentioning that I had recently been to the dentist and saw a crown being reset, I took out my Swiss Army knife and asked if anyone had a lighter.

Someone handed me a lighter and I used it to sterilize the dental tool on my knife and then told Deb to bite down hard on it. I gently hit the bottom of her jaw with the base of my palm until I felt the crown move into place.

Back on the floor, Stephanie had dimmed the lights in the main dining room as a projection of a live comet in real-time was being shown on the ceiling screen.

At a table, a woman on her phone was fidgeting with zip ties trying to attached the salt and pepper shakers.

I waited for the woman to finish her call and I approached her and politely asked her to cut the zip ties that she had tied to the salt and pepper shakers.

The woman became incensed and while she insisted she had nothing to do with it, she cut the zip tie saying whoever would do such a thing was probably a narcissist.

Then I woke up.

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