Deathbed | The Dreamweaver

My great-grandfather was on his deathbed and family and friends had gathered to pay their final respects.

Typically quite shy and aloof, our cat came downstairs and actually went over to my great grandfather's bed and started to play with him which brought him great joy.

I took an old Instamatic camera and began taking pictures of the gentle interaction between my cat and great-grandfather

While I was taking the photos, my neighbor's young son came up to me and asked who the man in the bed was and I told him it was my great-grandfather, making sure he understood exactly what I meant, that he was my mother's grandfather.

I needed to use the toilet so I put on my raincoat and went outside to walk up to my apartment in the building next door.

I noticed a small black rubber shoe on the ground as I walked out the door.

Then I woke up.

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