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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Someone was showing me a Mercedes Benz they had purchased from China. The car was only five dollars (though it cost 20,000 to ship overseas) due to the fact that China had made too many of these “unique” models.

He asked me to sit in the back seat to experience the comfort and luxury of his new car. The first thing I noticed was there was very little headroom, making it quite uncomfortable. Then he explained the lack of headroom was due to design constraints and then he went on to give me a “tour” around the rest of the vehicle.

It turned out that it was a hybrid car/airplane, with two passenger compartments, toilet with shower, galley and lots of storage, both exposed (nicely crafted shelving units) and concealed (hidden cupboards and under-floor wells).

The two driver/pilot chairs were open plan, just in front of the three passenger seats in the front compartment. A strange hybrid steering wheel slid up and down on a vertical rail.

I sat down to try it and noticed there was no window, only a large TV-style monitor that would show a panoramic view once the vehicle was operational.

Just as another group of people had come “on board,” to take a look around, I decided to excuse myself to use the toilet, but I failed to notice the water had not been connected and there was no toilet paper, which left me frantically searching for an alternative.

Then I woke up.

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