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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I was attending an awards ceremony where I ran into Rich Melman in the men’s room and pitched him an idea for a new concept to help Bub City stay afloat during COVID-19.

He loved the idea and gave me three massive sets of keys and told me to take them to the restaurant and turn them in at the office and in exchange they would give me the key to the front door.

I arrived at the restaurant, which was in a coastal resort town, only to find everyone in the office had gone home for the day (so what was I going to do with all these keys!).

I decided to have a look in the office anyway and when I peeked in the door there was someone sitting in the darkened office at a desk working by candlelight. I walked in and asked the woman at the desk if she could take the keys off me and she asked where I got them.

When I told her Rich gave them to me, she got very angry insisting Rich wasn’t there so I had to be lying.

Then Renae Kairis walked in and vouched for me but this enraged the woman even more, so much that she stormed out of the office. Renae apologized and took the keys from me, handing me a single key to the front door.

As I walked away, I noticed the woman in the bathroom as the door was ajar, she was sitting in a stall apparently crying.

Then I woke up.

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