Bubmare (2/27/20) | The Dreamweaver

It was my first shift back after a long absence and I was getting reacquainted with the new fine dining motif and six-course tasting menu.

Suddenly, I realized the restaurant was open and there were already a handful of diners seated.

I went to the host’s desk and saw that I had been assigned station 1, which already had three women sat at table 1.

I gathered up my nerves and approached the women, greeted them and asked if they’d like a drink.

The first woman politely declined and the next woman ordered a drink for herself and the third woman ordered a drink I’d never heard of: coffee, tea and milk.

I went around the corner (there was a work station where the main entrance used to be), and Renae Kairis was there folding napkins, so I asked her to show me how to make the drink.

She took a large glass bowl and filled it with tea leaves, ground coffee, an obscene amount of white sugar and what appeared to be tapioca balls (like the ones in bubble tea).

While stirring boiling water into the concoction, Renae said, “they must be from Atlanta.”

When the drink was finished, I asked Renae if she knew where I could find a pen and she opened a drawer and handed me a red pen that I tested on the back of a magazine.

Then I realized there wasn’t any milk in the drink so I took a small white ceramic milk jug, filled it with milk and placed it on the serving tray next to the two filled glasses and proceeded to serve the women their drinks.

Then I woke up.

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