Aunt Sandy | The Dreamweaver

I was at home at my grandparent's house on Maplewood doing some work when my mother's friend, aunt Sandy, came for a visit.

I told her no one was home but she was more than welcome to come in, have some tea and wait for my mother to arrive.

I was sitting at my desk in the frontroom while aunt Sandy sat on the couch reading a magazine.

The postman arrived and I signed for the small parcel he handed me and took it over to my desk and opened it.

Inside was the Massimo Dutti wool ski cap that I was waiting to review for the fashion magazine I wrote for.

The hat looked grayish-brown and I noticed it came with a red scarf that had been tucked inside the cap.

However, on closer inspection, I noticed it was actually a faux scarf, little more than two pieces of red brushed cotton sewn into the cap. I'd never seen anything like that and thought it was quite peculiar, something you might see on a cap for a little child.

I then noticed the price tag which read $222.00.

I held up the cap and asked aunt Sandy what she thought of it and she nodded, saying if she was a man she would definitely buy one.

I asked her how much she thought it cost and she said about $50.00.

When I told her the actual price, she raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

I told her that Massimo Dutti wasn't necessarily a high-end retail brand, but it was a popular one with sophisticated designs and excellent quality.

Just then, I remembered having received a pair of Massimo Dutti women's high heel shoes and went into the hall closet to find them.

I brought them back into the frontroom and, as they were aunt Sandy's size, I asked her to try them on and give me her honest opinion of their fit and appearance.

She really liked them and I told her since I would be turning in my review of the shoes, she was more than welcome to keep them.

She thanked me and asked me if I would like her to make me an egg salad sandwich, just like she used to do when I was a child.

Then I woke up.

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