Aunt Marj | The Deamweaver

I went to visit aunt Marj with my parents.

She was bed-ridden due to a recent illness but in good spirits and happy that we came to pay her a visit.

We shared a laugh as aunt Marj and I were wearing similar clothes and color combinations—dark denim jeans and yellow cotton long-sleeve shirts.

She wanted to try and get out of bed to join us in the frontroom and I felt bad when I noticed she had bed sores on legs.

She asked me if it was still okay if she called me "Ricky" and what my pronouns were.

We all went into the frontroom where all every woman present was smoking.

One of the older women in the room came over to me and said she knew I was Bob's son and asked me if I was really the singer in the band Café Society, that she had heard one of my songs on the radio and, despite being an old lady, really like it and told all her friends about it.

I walked around the apartment remembering that aunt Marj lived in a big house and not this small apartment I was in now and none of the furniture or decorations looked like I had remembered them to be when I was a child.

Then I woke up.

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