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I was at home on Washtenaw in the back bedroom I had converted into an office.

While I was tidying up my desk, an email came in from my old best high school friend Aaron Lew.

He said he had heard that I moved back to the old neighborhood and was so excited hearing the news, he would soon be on his way over to see me.

Having recently bought the three-story building which was in the middle of major renovations, I panicked and started quickly picking up tools, tidying about and vacuuming the floor.

My grandparents were in the kitchen and I asked my grandfather to help me clean up and my grandmother to prepare some refreshments, telling them an old high school friend was on the way over and lived nearby on Farwell and would arrive in a matter of minutes.

The doorbell rang and I sent my grandfather to open the door and greet Aaron while I organized a few last details in my office and made sure the bathroom was clean.

I saw Aaron as he walked through the kitchen and into my office where we exchanged a long embrace.

I suddenly became aware that neither of us was wearing a face mask and I apologized to Aaron for the indiscretion and went over to the kitchen counter where I normally kept my face masks but couldn't find the one I was looking for.

Not finding a suitable mask, I suggested we walk into the living room where we would be able to maintain a safe distance during the visit.

I looked him over and told him he hadn't aged a bit since high school.

Then, placing my hands on his shoulders, I guided him from behind through the construction debris and into the living room.

Then I woke up.

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