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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We had moved into a mid-rise apartment building but because our family was so large, we had to take two apartments on two different floors.

I was in the apartment downstairs when the older of my four daughters came in looking worried.

She told me that was playing with the cat in the corridor and had forgotten that she was on the higher floor and accidentally walked into a neighbor's apartment, startling a young woman who was house-sitting for the tenant. She left at once but the woman immediately picked up the phone to call the police.

I said I would go and talk to the woman and straighten things out, but I couldn't seem to find a clean top to wear with my sweatpants so I put on a long-sleeve t-shirt with a short-sleeve t-shirt on top and left my anxious daughter waiting inside the apartment.

I found myself outside of our building and having to walk across the path and into the opposite building where the neighbor's apartment was.

I then realized that my security token wouldn't allow me access into the other building so I waited until a woman opened the door and I followed her into the building.

I walked up a flight of stairs and was unable to access the inner door and elevator, so I walked down to the basement level where I knew I'd be able to access the elevator without a security token.

To my dismay, the elevator was out of order though I was able to it was working through its glass doors. However, every time I called the elevator, it wouldn't stop flush with the floor, therefore I couldn't open the door.

I tried for a few minutes to get the elevator to stop and line up with the floor, and even though the elevator stopped at the basement with passengers, they too were unable to open the door.

Then I woke up.

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