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I finished work and was offered a ride home by my ex-wife who offered to drive me to my great-grandfather's community center where I had to drop off the deposit and receipts from work.

My current girlfriend was also in the car but it wasn’t until we arrived at the community center and I was getting out of the car that I remembered we were dating and that I had recently moved into her apartment.

I got back into the car to kiss her goodbye and told her I would be home as soon as I wrapped things up.

I normally made the drop in a secure safe box built in to the façade of the building, but I noticed there was a small chair propping the door open and thinking it odd for the community center to be open after midnight I went to have look.

Once inside, I observed a theater troupe made up of young orthodox Jewish men and women who were rehearsing a play in the hall upstairs.

My presence didn’t seem to concern anyone as many of the actors merely walked by and said hello.

I went into my great grandfather's office to begin manually counting out my deposit when I noticed there were many credit slips and personal checks and not enough cash to pay myself out.

Just then my girlfriend called to tell me she arrived home and to mention how kind it was for my ex-wife to have driven her home and that she invited upstairs for coffee.

She asked me why I hadn’t told my ex-wife that we were dating and living together and I told her I was certain I had.

She said it didn’t matter and that she was going to wait up for me and was looking forward to my getting home.

Then I woke up.

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