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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I was working in an office in downtown Chicago. I asked some of my colleagues if they fancied going to the theater, but everyone was busy so I decided to go alone.

I took the “L” northbound and the train rolled into an underground station, but as I was reading the evening newspaper I became disoriented and thought it was my stop. I got up and and man dressed like an orderly asked me if this was a stop and trying to seem confident, I told him it was. He then stood up and began rolling his patient, an elderly black man, towards the door I was trying to open but I suddenly noticed I was trying to open the door on the wrong side of the train. Hoping no one would notice my gaffe, I walked to the opposite door, pressed the button and stepped out onto the platform.

I immediately knew I had gotten off at the wrong station but had a pretty good idea where I was. I started walking north and up and ramp and noticed I wasn’t too far away from my intended destination.

I walked along the lakefront where there had been a lot of construction work going on and continued walking north through the rubble and broken pavement. I noticed a young woman with an ice cream cone shooing off what appeared to be flying insect, but as I came closer I saw it was actually a small flying fish.

Feeling tired, I decided to go to friend’s house that was close by, so I crossed a pedestrian bridge over Lake Shore Drive and arrived at high rise apartment building and rang my friend’s apartment from the intercom in the lobby.

My friend welcomed me and we talked for a while in her kitchen until I told her I needed to write some notes in my phone and she excused herself and went to see what the noise was coming from the bedroom across the hall. She walked in and was startled by her roommate she didn’t expect to have come home so early.

Then I woke up.

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