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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I was at trade fair with a delegation of clothing manufacturers.

Our host was a tall, slender man who reminded me of the actor John Cleese.

At one point, the man appeared wearing an odd blue suit reminiscent of the leisure suits men wore in the 1970s.

He explained the suit was made from a new, highly advanced and resistant material developed by the space program and completely funded by a group of Native Americans who had invested billions in this new clothing technology.

The man took us into a showroom where we observed hundreds of garments and samples made from the fabric.

Upon closer inspection, I observed the material to be almost polyester-like; cheap, flimsy and seemingly poorly made.

The man kept insisting that there were “woven” garments of extremely high quality, but he was only able to find one display with what appeared to be women’s sleepwear made from the woven version of the fabric.

Unimpressed by the new fabric, I discretely walked away from the delegation and came upon an area hosted by Levi Strauss and began browsing through dozens of racks of jeans looking for my size.

Afterwards, I decided to take a walk in a wooded area adjacent to the convention center and noticed a group of young people juggling and practicing tightrope, walking on a wire they had strung between two trees.

I walked a bit more and came upon some apples on the ground and picked five up with the intention of trying to juggle them.

When I found myself unable to juggle all five of the apples, I set one back on the ground and tried juggling the remaining four, which I failed miserably at.

I then noticed my friends Daniel and Morten sitting on a picnic blanket nearby and saw they were juggling apples with great ease, so I tried again to juggle the four apples hoping I’d be able to do it and that my friends would see that I was able to juggle too and be impressed by my skills.

When I failed at every attempt to juggle the apples, I threw them to the ground and walked away quickly before my friends had the chance to notice I was there making a fool out of myself.

Then I woke up.

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