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I went to an appliance superstore looking for a new refrigerator.

I was approached by a woman who asked if I needed any help.

I told her I was looking for a new fridge, perhaps a double-sized one best suited for a large family.

I was standing in front of what appeared to be two identical-looking refrigerators.

The woman opened the fridge on the left and what I observed was a fridge similar to the one I already had, but with one door that opened into two separate compartments with the freezer section at the bottom.

She explained all the fine details and the opened the freezer door which revealed three individual drawers.

I told her I thought I might be interested in a larger, double fridge.

She said in that case, the fridge to the right might be just what I was looking for, but I was a bit confused as it seemed identical in every way to the first fridge.

She opened the fridge which revealed a hinged door and a massive interior space, which I couldn't quite get my head around considering the size of the unit was the same as the first, seemingly smaller one.

I was impressed with the size and ample storage space and asked the woman where the freezer was.

She showed me the freezer space which was similar to the first model and I told her that one of the reasons we wanted a new fridge in the first place was because the three-drawer freezer no longer served our needs.

I went on to say that as large family with five children, we ate a lot of frozen pizzas and there was never enough room in the freezer drawers to store them.

The woman smiled and said she understood and that it was a common problem.

She then told me to watch carefully while she demonstrated one of the more innovated features of the second fridge.

There was a small door located on the right side of the fridge's middle shelf. She opened the door which revealed a handle off the left side. She pulled the handle and a large shelf slid out that had six or more dividers where the frozen pizza boxes could be inserted one next to the other. She took several mock pizza boxes and demonstrated how it worked. Then, once she inserted the boxes into the slots, she proceeded to slide the shelf back into the interior of the fridge and they disappeared, conveniently stored in a freezer compartment.

I told the woman I was very interested in buying the fridge and asked how much both units cost so I could have a point of comparison.

The woman told me that both refrigerators cost 975 euros, which I found very peculiar seeing how the second fridge was nearly twice the (interior) size and had so many more features and functions.

Then I woke up.

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